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We have the following manuals available as pdf files. Manuals are free, but there is a £5.00 administration charge for sending them to you, which should be paid by credit card.

If you have manuals in PDF Format which are not on this list we would be very pleased to hear from you. It is so frustrating when a manual becomes hard to get, and our aim is to build as comprehensive collection as possible, so that older equipment can be used for a long time to come.

If you have paper copies of the manuals which you no longer require, please don't throw them away!!


Agilent 1047A Refractive Index Service handbook, 147pp
    User Guide, 84pp
  1049A Electrochemical Detector Operator Handbook, 188pp
    Service handbook, 68pp
    Original Brochure, 4pp, FOC
  1050 Autosampler Installation & Maintenance Guide, 106pp
    Service handbook, 106pp
    Using the Injector Program, 26pp
    Installing the 100 vial tray, 28pp
  1050 System Complete Service Guide, 736pp
    Getting it all together, 66pp
    Installing the Comm Interface board, 4pp
    Service Handbook - Common Information, 56pp
  1050 Degasser User Guide, 74pp
  1050 Pumo Pump Install & Maintenance Guide, 134pp
    Pump Service Handbook, 206pp
    Pump User Guide, 94pp
    Pumphead Upgrade, 12pp
  1050 UV Detectors Service Handbook DAD & MWD, 146pp
    VWD Install & Maintenance, 88pp
    VWD Servi9ce Manual, 188pp
  1100 Binary Pump Reference manual, 278pp
  1100 Capillary Pump Reference manual, 286pp
  1100 Isocratic Pump Reference manual, 264pp
  1100 Quaternary Gradient Pump Reference manual, 272pp
  1100 Preparative Pump Reference manual, 264pp
  1100 Nano Pump User manual, 68pp
    Service manual, 288pp
  1100 Variable Wavelength Detector Reference manual, 250pp
  1100 VWD Optical Unit Repair manual, 90pp
  1100 Multiwavelength Detector Reference manual, 278pp
  1100 DAD & MWD Reference manual, 310pp
  1100 Fluorescence Detector Reference manual, 326pp
  1100 Refractive Index Detector Reference manual, 246pp
  1100 Std, Micro & Prep Autosamplers Reference manual, 292pp
  1100 Sample Capacity Extension Reference manual, 108pp
  1100 Well Plate Sampler Reference manual, 282pp
  1100 Autosampler Thermostat Reference manual, 96pp
  1100 220 Microplate Sampler Reference manual, 124pp
  1100 Manual Injector Reference manual, 46pp
  1100 Vacuum Degasser Reference manual, 90pp
  1100 Micro Vacuum Degasser Reference manual, 94pp
  1100 Capillary LC System Reference manual, 196pp
  1100 Fraction Collector Reference manual, 274pp
  1100 Handheld Control Module Reference manual, 146pp
  1100 Thermostatted Column Compartment Reference manual, 204pp
  1100 Valves Operators manual, 58pp
  1100 HPLC Value System User Guide, 76pp
Alltech ELSD 2000 User Guide 45pp
  Model 335 Chemical Suppressor User Guide 12pp
  Model AL350200 Conductivity Detector Service manual
Daicel Chiralpak AD-H Columns Instruction Manual
  Chiralcel OD-H Columns Instruction Manual
  Chiralcel OD Columns Instruction Manual
Data Apex Clarity User Guide
    Reference Guide
    Getting Strted
    Net PAD
    SST Extension
    PDA Extension
    GPC Extension
    Controls - Agilent 1100
    Controls - Bischoff
    Controls - ECOM
    Controls - Gilson
    Controls - Kontron
    Controls - Sykam 2100 Pump
    Controls - Sykam 5200 Autosampler
    Controls - Sykam DAD
Dionex Chromeleon Tutorial & User Manual 1608pp
  DX120 Operators manual, 162pp
  AD25 Absorbance Detector Operator's Manual, 104pp
ECOM Alpha 10 Isocratic Pump User manual
  Alpha 50 and Alpha 100 Prep Pumps User manual
  Beta 10 Gradient pump User manual
  Beta 50 Gradient Pump User manual
  Sapphire UV-VIS Detector User manual
Gilson FC203 Fraction Collector User Guide 172pp
    Quick Reference Guide, 20pp
  112 Detector User Guide 72pp
  151/152 UV Detector User Guide 128pp
  155/156 UV Detector User Guide 141pp
  231XL Autosampler User Guide 92pp
  302/303 Pumps User Guide 28pp
  305 Pump User Guide 106pp
  306 Pump User Guide 62pp
  307 Pump User Guide 48pp
  321/322 pumps User Guide 174pp
  402 Diluto/dispenser User Guide 124pp
  402 Syringe pump User Guide 86pp
  Unipoint v5.1 User Guide 530pp
  Gilspy Utility (incl software) User Guide
HTA HT300L Autosampler User manual 112pp
Hyperquan V520 detector User Guide
ISCO Foxy Junior Fraction Collector User Guide 182pp
Jasco FP 1520 Fluorescence detector User Guide 67pp
Knauer Chromgate (=EZChrom) software User Guide 86pp
  Chromgate Instrument Control User Guide 28pp
  Chromgate Reference manual
  ClarityChrom See Data Apex above
  Clinlab EC3000 Electrochemical Detector User Guide 32pp
  K2800 DAD First steps
  Eurochrom Software User Guide 193pp
  Eurochrom Software Prep version User Guide 207pp
  Smartline 1000 Pump User Guide 96pp
  Smartline 3800 Autosampler User Guide 79pp
  Smartline3900 Autosampler User Guide 160pp
  Smartline Manager 5000 User Guide 59pp
  Smartline PDA Detector 2800 User Guide 75pp
  Smartline RI Detetcor 2300 + 2400 User Guide 71pp
  Smartline UV Detector 2500 User Guide 75pp
  Smartline UV Detector 2600 User Guide 117pp
  Wellchrom K105 Pump User Guide 58pp
  Wellchrom K120 Pump User Guide 47pp
  Wellchrom K200 Fixed Wavelength UV User Guide 30pp
  Wellchrom K501 Pump User Guide 58pp
  Wellchrom  K1001 Pump User Guide 84pp
  Wellchrom K1800 Prep Pump User Guide 87pp
  Wellchrom K1900 prep Pump User Guide 26pp
LDC CM4200 Gradient Pump

User Guide (separate Chapters)

Linear Instruments 200,204 and 206 Detectors User Guide 43pp
  525 and 201 Detectors User Guide 149pp
  Ultrafluor fluorescence detector User Guide 107pp
Rheodyne Most available  
Schambeck RI2000 User Guide 72pp
    Service & Maintenance Manual 33pp
  ELSD User Guide 51pp
Spark Holland Marathon Autosampler User Guide 40pp
  Midas Autosampler User Guide 104pp
  Triathlon Autosampler User Guide 109pp
  Endurance Autosampler User Guide 107pp
Scientific Software EZChrom Elite User Guide 51pp
    Reference Guide 398pp
    System Administration 51pp
    Installation Guide 70pp
    Advanced Reporting 122pp
Scientific Syatems (SSI) Model 605 column oven User Guide 26pp
  Series 1 pump User Guides
  Series 2 Pump User Guides
  Series 3 Pump 5ml head Operator Manual 42pp
    10/40ml head Operator Manual 49pp
  Series 4 Pump User Guides
  Lo-Pulse Pulse Dampener Instruction Manual 3pp
    Repair Manual 2pp
  Prep 100 Pump User Guides
  Q-Grad Pump User Guides
  Model 1500 Pump User Guides
  Tubing cutter User Guide
Sykam S1122 Pump User Guide
  S2100 Pump User Guide
  S3210 UV Detector User Guide
  S5200 Autosampler User Guide
  S3115 Conductivity Detector User Guide
  S433 Amino Acid Analyser User Guide
  S4300 Amino Acid Reaction Module User Guide
  S1610 Syringe Pump User Guide
Thermo Chromjet Integrator Techn ical Reference Manual 396pp
  AS3500 Autosampler User Guide
    Troubleshooting and error codes.
Torrey Pines CO30 Column Heater User Guide
Waters 432 Conductivity Detector User Guide
  474 Fluorescence Detector User Guide
  486 UV Detector User Guide
  510 Pump User Guide
  515 Pump User Guide
  600E Gradient Pump User Guide
  717 Autosampler User Guide
  996 Diode Array Detector User Guide
  1525 Pump User Guide
  2410 RI Detector User Guide
  2414 RI Detector User Guide
  2420 ELSD User Guide
  2424 ELSD User Guide
  2465 Electrochemical Detector User Guide
  2475 Fluorescence Detector User Guide
  2487 UV Detector User Guide
  2488 UV Detector User Guide
  2489 UV Detector User Guide
  Acquity UPLC System User Guide
  Empower Theory Guide User Guide
Watrex Solvent Recycler User Guide
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