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If you buy a used HPLC system, we offer the option of delivery only (it arrives in a box and you install it) or full installation, where an engineer visits with the equipment, installs it and show you how to use it.


Delivery Only

This costs £30 - £50.00 + VAT with TNT and so is the least expensive option. To install an HPLC system you will need connecting tiubing and fittings, one or more sinter filters, a column, and cables to connect to the data system. Some of these will be included but not all, depending upon what you order.

If you would like to learn to do this yourself, we offer an HPLC Equipment Servicing Course. If booked at the same time as ordering your system, we can arrange it that as part of the course you learn to assemble your system prior to delivery.

However if you have little experience of HPLC, we recommend you got for full installation and training.

On-Site Installation and training

This option costs £500.00 + VAT within the UK (excl N. Ireland) and is recommended if you do not feel confident installing the equipment yourself. An engineer will bring the equipment and install it, and if you wish you can learn from them how it is done. They will then connect it to the data system and run a chromatogram with you. They will spend up to a day with you if you need it, showing you how to run the HPLC.

Please note that HPLC equipment does not automatically come with a column. If you do not order one and the column  you supply does not work, the engineer will only be able to test the system and leave it for you to install a new column later.

If you supply your own computer but order a data system from us, please check that the computer is working correctly, that the CD or DVD drive is working, and that you have the necessary passwords.

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