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Gradient Pumps

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Waters M600 Analytical (0-20ml/min)

Waters m600 quaternary gradient pump in good working order. This pump can be programmed from the keypad really easily. A short form manual is included, but it is really intuitive and easy to use. Alternatively if you have Way=ters software, the pump can be controlled via a GPIB cable (which we can supply).


£1295.00 + VAT

Waters M600 Analytical (0-20ml/min)

Quaternary gradient pump in good working order. It has been used in our lab for over 12 months. It is a quaternary gradient pump (mixes four different solvents) and if required, can control its own helium flow for degassing if you have a gas cylinder.

This pump could be supplied as part of a gradient system if required, with a 717 autosampler and 484 detector.



£1295.99 + VAT

ATI Unicam Crystal 200 Gradieint pump

This pump is in excellent condition, almost like new, and in excellent working order. We have tested its gradient performance, which is excellent. The check valves and proportioning valves are working perfectly, and it gives very reproducible gradients time after time. We do not have a manual, but have been using it in our labs so we can show you how it works. We also have made up a gradient start cable so it can be connected directly to the start signal from an autosampler.

It has a micorflow head, able to pump from 0.010-5.000ml/min, and gives very smooth flow


£2495.00 + VAT

Merck Hitachi L-4000

This is a 3-solvent gradient pump, which is in good working order. It is fairly intuoitive to use, and works very well.


£1495.00 + VAT

Kontron Model 420

This is an isocratic pump, but we have two and they can be controlled with Clarity to give a binary gradient, high pressure mixing.


£795.00 + VAT each

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